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Garlic sold via our web site is grown on farms that are Certified Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, or both, or pesticide free, unless otherwise indicated in the shopping cart. The shopping cart will note whether garlic is certified with both or with just one. Any deviations from these certifications will be noted on the web site with variety descriptions on the Varieties page and/or in the shopping cart.

Garlic sold via this web site is grown by a group of family and friends interested in producing a variety of garlic seed (cloves), usually organically-grown, to sell as seed stock.

In 2012, we dropped our organic certification due to physical/health problems of members of our garlic-growing and garlic-harvesting team. Changing our web site to reflect our non-certified status will be an ongoing project, as occurrences of the word “organic” were so prevalent when we were certified. We will do our best to ensure that our garlic is properly represented, but do acknowledge that we may miss instances of the word. We are not responsible for issues that develop where we miss an instance, as the majority of our web site clearly describes our 2012+ crops as being uncertified.

Our garlic ships as whole bulbs unless it is specified as being shucked/separated. It is the buyer’s responsibility to separate the cloves for planting. This should be done within a few days of planting.

A 7% tax will be added to orders shipping to a location within Iowa. Iowa residents’ tax is included in the published price for each item if the shopping cart fails to apply the tax. If that is the case, we will be obligated to pay the tax ourselves.

We will only ship our garlic to locations within the 48 contiguous states. We will not ship our garlic overseas or out of the country.

No organic garlic producer can claim that their garlic is disease-free or pest-free, and we do not guarantee our garlic to be pest or disease free. Garlic is a very healthy plant, and these common nano pathogens or pests are not expected to affect its safety for use as a food/spice.

Because our garlic is grown pesticide free and isn’t disinfected, harmless nano pathogens or pests may exist on seed stock. As responsible garlic producers, we take measures to ensure our crop is the most likely to remain pest free (crop rotation, visual inspection in the field, etc). We also inspect our garlic thoroughly during/after harvest for visual evidence of pests, and do not knowingly sell any garlic that is tainted by any pathogens or pests.

We do inspect our garlic and to the best of our knowledge it is excellent seed stock.  Sometimes even the sharpest inspection can miss visual signs. If you question the seed garlic you receive from us, contact us for suggestions on how to treat your garlic seed before planting.

Open the box/boxes and inspect your garlic immediately upon receipt. The boxes must be opened to help prevent rot/mold.  If you are not happy with the seed health, contact us immediately about the possibility of returning it for a refund or exchange. We do not offer refunds/replacements for seed that was not immediately inspected and without immediate notification of a deficiency. We do not offer refunds/replacement seed without a quick return of the original seed.

We do our best to ensure your garlic seed is of excellent quality, but cannot be held responsible for damage during shipping. Because we can’t control how the seed is handled after leaving us (storage between shipping and planting, soil and weather conditions at customer locations, etc.), we can not guarantee germination. In our experience, our seed germinates nearly 100% (at least high 90’s in the past).

We recommend that you shuck your garlic seed away from your garden or field where you intend to plant the garlic. If possible, dispose of the husks/stalks/roots via burning away from your field or bag for removal by your trash pickup company.

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